Using Metallic Distress Spray Inks To Add Shimmer & Shine

March 30, 2018

Using Metallic Distress Spray Inks To Add Shimmer & Shine

Metallic Distress Spray Inks - Card Making & More

This morning we were inspired by a trio of Ranger Ink’s Metallic Distress Spray Stain colours as we were greeted by the bronzed golden glow of the autumnal sunshine through our studio windows on this Good Friday.

ranger ink metallic distress spray inks at at Mic Moc

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Indeed there’s no better time to get inspired during this long weekend and holidays to journal, scrapbook or create using these distress spray colours with their metallic sheen effects which make them so much more fun to play with!

Here’s a simple Easter card tutorial using the Tarnished Brass Distress Spray Stain ink bottle: (available at our store along with other metallic and non-metallic Distress Spray Ink colours!)

Card-making tutorial with Distress Spray Stain Inks at #micmocmakes at Mic Moc


  1. First, line your desk surface with a large sheet of newspaper or scrap craft sheet to protect your surface before using these sprays.  
  1. Place a ‘mask’ of any shape you like that has been cut out of card stock (we used one of our ‘bunny’ die-cut shapes we made using a die-cut machine) onto a piece of card.  

easter card craft tutorial using metallic distress spray inks at

  1. Shake the bottle of Distress Spray Stain ink bottle before using (tip: you’ll want to have a tissue, damp cloth or wet ones ready on hand for cleaning the nozzle after each use).  You should aim to press once for a wide ‘splatter effect’. Depending on the kind of effect you’re after—either move the spray a little closer to the card for a larger blot of stain or move the bottle further from your card before you spray in order to get a generally 'wider’ misting effect. 
  1. Wait a few minutes for the ink to dry slightly before carefully lifting up your ‘masked’ die-cut shape.  Save the die-cut shape for future crafts in a next project or use it as an embellishment to add dimension to your card later.  
  1. Tear off some old book pages, magazines or scraps of paper you can use to glue onto the top right and bottom borders for added layering.  
  1. Cut out some scraps (from scrapbooking paper) of design elements you like to add to the card as embellishments.  
  1. Distress the edges of the card  by rubbing a Distress Ink pad on the edges of the card and the tiny embellishments.
  1. Stamp a sentiment or greeting (we stamped ‘easter’ here) onto a tiny card stock, then emboss it by sprinkling over embossing powders, tapping lightly to release the excess powder, followed by using a heat gun to get a raised embossed effect.
  1. Apply some thick foam self-adhesive tape to the underside of the die-cut shapes,(we have used 2 of the bunny shapes here) then adhere them after carefully positioning the shapes on your card front.  easter card craft tutorial using Distress Spray Inks at at Mic Moc
  1. The final stage was to add more sheen and layers—we’ve simply added gold foil to the right edge for added metallic shine and embellished the card further with the sentiment ‘Let’s Celebrate’ on the outside and inside using the range of great stickers from the Kaiser Style Botanica sticker book!  We love it because these sticker books are so convenient, versatile and useful for journalling, using as planner stickers, gift tags, card-making, scrapbooking and creating other paper projects! easter card craft tutorial using Distress Spray Inks at at Mic Moc



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