Enchanted Garden Collaged Envelopes ('魅惑の森' 封筒)

February 01, 2022

Enchanted Garden Collaged Envelopes ('魅惑の森' 封筒)

enchanted garden collage envelopes from micmoc.com by Nykie

- by Nykie @cosycornercrafts (Mic Moc ambassador Nov 2021- Jan 2022)

I recently created these colourful collaged ‘enchanted forest’ themed envelopes. I had wanted to create some really bright and vibrant coloured envelopes to send to a pen friend, but preferably with a vintage feel. My idea was to create a whimsical, enchanted and magical scene so I playfully layered the Mic Moc vintage children stickers with butterfly wings to create my own fairies! I’ve always loved fairies, vintage images and butterflies so it was so much fun to combine all three elements. I also do love mushrooms and love that these collage papers, Mic Moc stamps and vintage children stickers all complement one another perfectly together. A bonus was that the ‘Little Stitch’ PET tapes with the floral embroidery added a great finish with a wonderful splash of colour.

If you’ve seen some of my last few videos on my Instagram you would’ve seen how I’ve played with and incorporated many of the Mic Moc products with my own stash—it’s been such a fun time experimenting with the different ways I was inspired to use and create with all that Kat has sent me.   

Alas, as they say; all good things must come to an end, and sadly my time as ambassador to Mic Moc has come to an end in February.  

I would like to thank you for following me along on this fun journey. It’s been a wonderful experience that has developed my creativity,  taken me out of my comfort zone and nurtured me to try new things! I’ve never made a video before this!

It’s been a pleasure to work with the lovely Kat, whose kindness and generosity abounds. 

I was a fan and loyal customer of Mic Moc before I agreed to this role and now I leave it an even bigger fan, who is already writing a wish list for my next order!

Thanks to everyone for their kind messages and support and of course to Kat, for asking me in the first place. Have fun and keep creating!


Nykie (@cosycornercrafts)


私は最近、これらのカラフルなコラージュされた「魔法の森」をテーマにした封筒を作成しました。ペンフレンドに送るために、本当に明るく鮮やかな色の封筒を作りたかったのですが、できればヴィンテージ感があります。私のアイデアは、妖精、ヴィンテージの画像、蝶が大好きだった、気まぐれで魅惑的で魔法のようなものを作ることでした。そのため、3つの要素すべてを組み合わせるのはとても楽しかったです。私はまた、きのこが大好きで、これらのコラージュペーパー、Mic Mocスタンプ、ヴィンテージの子供用ステッカーがすべて互いに完全に補完し合っているのが大好きです。 


著者:Nykie (@cosycornercrafts)

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