Vintage Photos Charms Using 'Faded Photos' Washi Tape

August 04, 2022

Vintage Photos Charms Using 'Faded Photos' Washi Tape

Vintage Photos Charms Using 'Faded Photos' Washi Tape - by Kat Ngoi

As you may well know, there's no way to hide our affection for all things vintage which shows in almost every facet of our stationery emporium: from our logo to each of our vintage style rubber stamps and paper goods!  If you’re already acquainted with our vintage-inspired washi tapes, you’ll know they’re uniquely and specifically created for all vintage-loving journallers and crafters. The same ones who get as excited (as us!) by the colours, typography and out-of-print styles we love to incorporate into all of our Mic Moc stationery.  

Speaking of our stationery, thank you for the huge response and feedback regarding our new 30 MM wide washi tape range; in this post I want to show you some of the novel ways I’ve discovered I could use our greatly versatile vintage ‘FADED PHOTOS’ washi tape and 'Faded Photos 2' washi tape other than sticking them directly on our journal pages!

I’ve used some aluminium metal rims I happen to have in my stash to create a series of embellishments for my Traveler’s Notebook journal. 

Back in the days of old, Dennison had manufactured similar ‘metal rim tags’ which I believe were used as ‘advertising tags’ or price tags (as pictured).

dennison metal rim tags from blog post

Today there are replicas of these ‘Tag Press Rings’ available online of which I prefer the largest size; which measures about a one and a quarter inch (circle diameter).  


Using a pencil I first traced a circle around the metal rim (using a neutral-coloured card stock). Yes the metal circle rim is the template!

I adhered a strip of the vintage children featured in ‘Faded Photos’ washi tape over the traced circle on the card stock. I then cut out the penciled circle using a pair of small scissors.  Next I inserted the ‘back facing circle’ (the side which is not showing the image) into the metal rim, then used the edge of an acrylic stamping block to push down the metal rim to flatten it, sealing the card stock within the rim.

I punched a small hole at the top of the image to create a round tag, then inserted a silver (metal) jump ring through it. I connected the  jump ring to a small ‘lobster clasp’ and fastened the ring using jewellery pliers. Voila, it makes a wonderful hanging embellishment for my Traveler’s Notebook journal.  

Another great way I found to put this framed metal tag to great use is to attach it directly to the front of my junk journal as a seal enclosure held together by a metal eyelet and a string as its fastener. There it is, please refer to my video on Instagram on how I created these. They are easy to make in such little time and such a wonderful addition! Please tag us @micmoc_shop on Instagram if you try this at home! You could also stand a chance to win a S$50 gift card to shop at our store : ) Till the next one, Happy Making!


vintage photos charms metal rim tags from blog post








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