May 2020 Pre-Order Rubber Stamps by Mic Moc

Thank you for previewing our May 2020 Pre-Order Rubber Stamps which are estimated to ship by early June*.

(*estimated date may be earlier or later depending on production schedules and volume). 

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT combine your pre-order stamps here with any other items in your cart. If you do, the other items will only be posted to you on arrival of your new pre-order stamps. Please purchase these pre-order stamps separately and pay for another shipping fee or your whole order will be delayed. 

PANDEMIC POSTAL DELAYS:  Please note that regular shipping is no longer guaranteed at the usual pace but we are experiencing long delays of up to 8 weeks for overseas shipping and up to 1 week or more for domestic interstate Australian addresses out of Queensland. Please only place an order if you are able to wait.  

Thank you for noting the above!



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 パンデミック郵便遅延:通常の配送は通常のペースでは保証されなくなりましたが、海外配送の場合は最大8週間、クイーンズランド州外の国内の州間オーストラリア住所の場合は最大1週間以上の長い遅延が発生しています。 お待ちいただける場合のみご注文ください。