November 2022 Mic Moc Rubber Stamp Collection Pre-order Information

PLEASE READ:  *please DO NOT place an order unless you are willing to wait for our estimated shipping date from mid to end of January 2023. 必ずお読みください: * 発送予定日は 2023 年 1 月中旬から下旬です。
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SCHEDULED SHIPPING: Please note that shipping of these pre-order items are estimated to be by mid to end Jan 2023.  This is only an estimated schedule of shipping availability which may vary and may occur earlier or later according to demand and our production schedule.  Please kindly take note of this before you place your order and DO NOT place an order unless you are able to wait! 

HOW TO ORDER: Preview this new series and place your orders like any regular purchase to be added to the shopping cart and check out at the payment page. Enter your discount code at the check out page.通常の購入と同じように注文をショッピング カートに追加し、支払いページでチェックアウトします。チェックアウトページで割引コードを入力してください。

IMPORTANT NOTE TO AVOID SHIPPING DELAYS: Please pay and check out PRE-ORDER items separately from your other regular in-stock purchases to avoid prolonged delays to shipping/delivery for non-pre-order items. プレオーダー以外の商品の発送/配送が大幅に遅れないように、他の通常の在庫購入とは別に、プレオーダー商品の支払いとチェックアウトを行ってください。

If you choose to combine your Pre-order items with regular non-pre-order ( i.e. in-stock items) merchandise, we will only ship the non-pre-order in-stock products with your pre-orders when the latter arrives on the above estimated dates. プレオーダー商品と通常の非プレオーダー商品を組み合わせることを選択した場合、プレオーダー以外の在庫のある商品は、プレオーダーが上記の予定日に到着した場合にのみ発送されます。

Thank you for your attention and taking note of this important information associated with this pre-order range. If you have queries please email us at この重要な情報に注意を払っていただき、ありがとうございます

MIC MOC Merchandising Team