PRE-ORDER February 2021 Rubber Stamps by Mic Moc

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Enter code at checkout before you make your payment to enjoy 15% off all *cling stamps (we're sorry that *wooden stamps are not eligible for discount).


Thank you for previewing our Feb 2021 Pre-Order Rubber Stamps which are estimated to ship by early April! (先行予約販売の品物は、202117日頃の発送になります.)

1. Please do not place an order unless you are able to wait many weeks before your order is ready for shipping (by early April 2021). Each of our stamps are painstakingly made to order and assembled by hand with love in Australia! (これらの商品をご注文の場合、待ち時間が長くなりますのでご注意ください. すべてのアイテムはオーストラリアで作られ、手作業で組み立てられています.)

2. For a limited time only, enjoy a limited time only 15% discount for ONLY *cling mount stamps (not wood) only during this pre-order period from today till 2 March 2021 available to all our subscribers.  (2021年3月2日まで15%の限定割引をお楽しみください), 木枠付きスタンプには割引は適用されません.)

3. All wooden stamps can only be shipped as a parcel, please do not select flat document/letter post at check out stage otherwise you may be billed separately for parcel rates. (木製切手を購入する場合は、小包の送料を選択してください。)

4. Please DO NOT combine all other regular items/purchases with these pre-order stamps unless you understand that your other regular purchases will be delayed and combined with pre-order items for shipping. (先行予約の品物と通常の品物を同時にオーダーされた場合は、まとめての発送(来年17日頃の発送)になってしまいますので、ご注意下さい.)

*wooden stamps are NOT eligible for discount. (割引対象外の木枠付きスタンプ)