Limited Time Only Special Gift: Traveler's Co. Brass Label Plate

Conditions on how to claim this limited time only Special Gift of a Traveler's Co. Brass Label Plate are as follows:

You must be one of our subscribers to claim this free bonus gift offer which applies only with the purchase of each Traveler's Co Notebook Starter Set (Regular Size).
This free bonus gift is restricted to ONE piece of brass label plate allocated per Traveler's Notebook Starter Set purchased in the same order.
Free bonus gift is subject to availability while stocks last during the promotion period. You will be notified if it is no longer available and you will be eligible for a refund if you have paid for the Traveler's Co Notebook Starter Kit.  
This free gift offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with another special offer, promotion or discount code.  
Free bonus gift cannot be exchanged for other products, for credit or cash.
If you are requesting a return or refund (please see conditions for these in our shipping page), any eligible refund or return must include the return of this 'free gift' if previously received, otherwise the refund is void.  
Normal delivery terms apply.
This promotion begins on 3 August and ends on 22 August at 23:30 AEST
Traveler's Company Notebook Free Brass Label Plate