'Vintage Milk Cap' Pin Button Badge - by Mic Moc

'Vintage Milk Cap' Pin Button Badge - by Mic Moc (ヴィンテージスタイルのボタンバッジ.) 

Yup they were not just huge in the eighties but are definitely back with a vengeance, still adorning everything from the front pockets of denim overalls to the tops of kids' caps, students' backpacks and pencil cases. Adult creatives all over the world have now embraced the resurgence of a little fashion accessory they once loved in their childhood, and so have we! We present you our new line of vintage style pin button badges! Hope you're going to love this first design inspired by our collection of vintage milk caps.  

Made with love for vintage lovers of ephemera and vintage collectibles, thrift shop knick knacks, the analogue-loving vintage-inspired crafter, snail mailer and journaler.  

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