Vintage Cigarette Cards - 8 Pc - Vintage Goods (These are Real Vintage)

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Vintage Cigarette Cards - 8 Pc - Vintage Goods - We’re really excited about these genuine vintage cigarette cards at our vintage-loving emporium!  They aren’t easy to come by and we love collecting and using them in our journals and paper projects.  We’re pleased to offer them in packs of 8 cards each; they are packed at random with mix of (no repeats) designs depicting everything from film stars to sports players, famous iconic figures of historical importance, famous paintings and scientific subjects (ranging from animals, insects, botanicals and the like).

Produced and printed by a mix of different tobacco manufacturers such as Will’s (from the U.K.), John Player & Sons, these vintage cards used to be tiny pocket ads printed by tobacco makers as early as 1875 to stiffen cigarette packs and became popular as a collectible series. 

Please note that they are generally of a good overall condition but any tiny scuff marks or imperfections are a result of their natural age.

You will receive:

Set of 8 random designs of cigarette cards ( no repeats).

Package Size:

(H)110 mm x (W) 80 mm

Card Size (estimated):

(H) 66 mm x 35 mm

Origin: Australia  

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