Vintage Ephemera Asian-style Ticket Replicas VEASIAN02 (pack of 13)

Vintage Ephemera Asian-style Ticket Replicas VEASIAN02 (pack of 13) - These vintage replicas of Asian-style ephemera are rare with a majority of them being Korean vintage tickets (a few are of Japanese or Chinese origin).  We've designed a rather rad vintage replica match book to hold these tickets which is just perfect for storing them! You'll love this pack for art journalling use, collaging, snail mail art, mixed media or other scrapbooking or paper craft projects.  

The paper stock is stiff with a matte surface which you can easily write or stamp on.

Please note that these are 'faux ephemera' and are NOT actually made from vintage paper. 


Kindly select flat document postage* in our shopping cart shipping options  as this item is lightweight and measures below 2cm depth.

*However, please note that postage may increase when you order more than 2 packs or other items due to the depth! Thank you for noting this.

You will receive:

13 paper replicas (assorted colours/sizes/designs as shown here in set).

Package Size:(top to bottom):

approximately (H)10cm x (W)7cm

Printed in Australia.