'Yesterday's Prices' Washi (Printed) Tape WT006YP20M - by Mic Moc (アンティークの値札 マスキングテープ)

'Yesterday's Prices' Washi (Printed) Tape WT006YP20M - by Mic Moc (アンティークの値札 マスキングテープ) - please select only PARCEL SHIPPING whether Australian or international addresses as this is a 2 CM thick washi tape! (この商品は小包として発送する必要があります)

The first of our 2CM wash tapes has arrived and this one was designed to complement our most popular gummed collage paper sets, 'Yesterday's Prices'! If you love our gummed collage sheets you'll also love this design which features vintage ads from old supermarket catalogues as well as vintage price tickets.   

Washi Tape Size: 

20mm (W) x 10 metres (must be shipped as a parcel)

Designed by Kat Ngoi for Mic Moc.

Please Note: Please only choose parcel shipping or you will be sent an invoice for extra postage


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