Meet Our 1st Mic Moc Maker For Inspiration! 私たちの最初のブランドアンバサダーに会いましょう #micmocmakes #micmocmakers

October 06, 2020

Meet Our 1st Mic Moc Maker For Inspiration!  私たちの最初のブランドアンバサダーに会いましょう #micmocmakes #micmocmakers

[image courtesy of Takako.R]

It might’ve been the most whirlwind year ever, yet so much to be grateful for at Mic Moc—a growing following, (thanks to you), new product additions, new international wholesale customers and now definitely something we can’t wait to share: the first time we’re appointing Mic Moc Makers! 

A Mic Moc Maker is invited to work with us from a pool of inspiring people to watch on Instagram for their infectious creativity and well of inspiration to draw from. Above all, they love using our products and do so by displaying a unique crafting and journaling style which you just can’t help but want to try at home!

So you can imagine we’re a tad excited to introduce our inaugural Mic Moc maker, the multi-talented Takako.R @little_pink_sheep from the United States! Takako has very graciously agreed to grace our social media space by sharing with us her inspiring style. As a Mic Moc Maker she will soon inspire us with how she’s enjoying using Mic Moc stationery coordinated with other supplies in her own daily journalling and paper crafting projects.

We thought you may want to know a little more about Takako so we had a little chit chat with her recently.

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Takako. I’m originally from Japan, living in the US. I love playing with papers and must admit I’m a paper hoarder. I enjoy paper crafts and art journaling. I also love collecting vintage ephemera and pressing flowers. Besides paper crafts & journaling, I enjoy hiking on trails and cooking. 

I’m really grateful for this MIC MOC maker opportunity and hope to be able to inspire people with my creations using MIC MOC products. 



When did you start journaling and how did you begin?  About 4 years ago, my friend I got to know through Instagram was using a Traveler’s Notebook and I was totally hooked.  That’s how I started journaling!



What inspires you most when you journal or craft?  I simply have fun decorating the pages and jotting down my thoughts and events as they take place in my life. I truly enjoy the process of paper crafting. Sometimes I so get stuck with ideas and find it a struggle, but that’s also a part of the whole creative process that I enjoy.



What is your favourite motif for crafting and journaling?  This is a tough question because I love all kinds of motifs. I like to use flowers on my journals and vintage kids when collaging. It’s tough to pick a favourite!



What’s your absolute favourite Mic Moc made product(s) and can you share why it inspires you? The ‘My Storybook’ and ‘My Playbook’ vintage children’s Illustrations die cuts (now replaced by stickers!) and journal cards were something that first caught my eye (when I first got to know Mic Moc). I think they’re so adorable and versatile as they add such a fun and unique touch to all kinds of paper crafts as well as journaling. If I’m allowed to pick another one, I just love the Paper Hoarder note pad! I thought it was hilarious when it was released right when the pandemic started and everyone was running to the store buying toilet rolls. It’s truly a unique note pad that’s fun to use for collaging and journaling!


My Storybook」と「My Playbook」シリーズのヴィンテージキッズのイラスト・ダイカット(ステッカーで、リニューアルされましたね!)とジャーナルカードが最初に目に留まりました。ジャーナリングだけでなく、ペーパークラフトにも活用出来て、とてもキュート。用途が広いと思います。

もう一つ選ばせて頂けるなら、Paper Hoarderのメモ帳が大好きです。パンデミックが始まって、誰もがトイレットペーパーを買い占めていた頃に発売され、そのタイミングの良さに思わず笑みを浮かべてしまいました。コラージュやジャーナリングに使える、とってもユニークなメモ帳ですね。

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