Angel Policy エンジェルポリシー (商用利用について)

Angel Policy: commercial use of copyrighted materials from Mic Moc

エンジェルポリシー (商用利用について)

Thank you for your purchase and support of our merchandise and exclusive rubber stamps at Mic Moc.  We value every customer who craft regularly using our stamps. These are important guidelines to help answer your many queries regarding using our images responsibly and legally without infringing our copyrighted materials.  There are many who create handmade paper crafts using our stamped images and these guidelines may help you understand if whether you are permitted to resell your work using our stamped images.  Please give credit to Mic Moc wherever possible in your listings if you are in doubt, however please note that giving credit does not equate to our expressed permission to use our images for handmade items put up for sale.

Please note the following:

You may NOT ever sell any stamped images made using our stamps even if they are handstamped, for other people to use in place of purchasing a rubber stamp. This is strictly prohibited, and all sites found to list these for sale without our explicit permission will be notified that they are liable for prosecution for copyright violation. All our stamp images are copyrighted and are not permitted to be sold other than as rubber stamps by Mic Moc.

You may NOT just stamp an image on paper and sell that for others to use in a project. You may NOT assemble a set of our stamped images for resale or apportion into smaller units and re-sell those smaller portions of our stamps or other items such as our gummed collage sheets, stickers, washi tapes or journal cards etc as junk journal materials for sale.

Guidelines For What You Can Sell Using our Stamps & Images

Our stamp designs may only be used on final products such as 'finished crafts' like junk journals, greeting cards or assembled paper craft projects for sale, as long as the images are entirely hand-stamped and forms part of the finished product. However within the journal you may NOT include our stamped images as individual removable pieces of handmade ephemera sold as part of the final product. 

Other FAQs - Can any of your images be mechanically reproduced for non-commercial NON-PROFIT enjoyment eg. colour copying, scanning or scrapbooking? 

No. Our stamp images may not be mechanically or electronically copied for any reason.  

Can I resell your merchandise whether on its own or breaking a set up into smaller portions of samples?

No. Our merchandise must not be apportioned into sample sizes for resale in any form, please contact us for wholesale enquiries if you wish to become a reseller.

Please email us at if you have queries we haven't answered in the above guidelines. We welcome tagging @micmoc_shop if you wish to show us your handmade crafts on Instagram.

エンジェルポリシー (商用利用について)





弊社のスタンプを、紙にスタンプしたものを、他の方が使用できるように販売することはできません。 スタンプした画像のセットや部分売り、および他の全てのアイテムに関しても(コラージュシート、ステッカー、マスキングテープ、ジャーナルカード、ノートパッドなど)、これらを小分けにし、ジャーナルの中に詰めて再販することは、固く禁じます。