Mic Moc Rubber Stamps

Our unique vintage-inspired rubber stamps are designed to complement other Mic Moc stationery available including journal cards, stickers, gummed collage sheets, papers and more. All our images are copyrighted; all rights reserved. 

Please note that in 2024 we've made a big change to our stamp packaging and materials. We're phasing out printing stamp images on the reverse side of the foam. We've made the change to a more sustainable and scalable production at our boutique studio in Brisbane, Australia where your stamps are still hand made and hand assembled with love and care. Thank you for supporting us in this change. 

2024 年には、ハンコのパッケージと供給に重要な変更が加えられることに注意してください。 フォーム素材の裏面にはデザインは印刷されていません。 生産をより持続可能かつ拡張可能にするために変更を加えました。

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