Traveler's Company


A versatile, beautifully handcrafted and customisable leather journal like no other is the TRAVELER'S notebook by the esteemed TRAVELER'S COMPANY (Midori) from Japan. If every great thinker kept a journal this had to be it. A 'life log' and a treasured keepsake that will last a lifetime. A 'field notes' tool to document every minutiae, observation and reflection of everyday life.  A planner for your schedules and travel itineraries. A journal for your inner dialogues, musings and sacred thoughts.

Its luxurious and fountain-pen friendly blank pages within its simple, elegant cowhide leather cover are an inspiration for storytelling and the ultimate canvas for expressing your colourful life. As you take it along with you to life's every adventure, it will soon grow to become a dear companion, a celebration of who you are and who you have become. May you voyage with it not only to the ends of the world but to the interiors of your mind and heart.   

If you're yet to be introduced to the TRC TRAVELER'S notebook, you're in for a delightful voyage of discovery on board the TRAVELER'S train.  So all aboard! Come through the train station located at our virtual emporium, TRAVELER'S TRAIN is about to depart. The destination is the year 2018, the future no one has ever visited. Not yet anyway.