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Vintage Ephemera

'Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.'
- L.M. Montgomery

Collecting nostalgia and beholding the treasures of vintage items is a pleasure only known to 'the romantic few' for whom the past can beat like a second heart... For those of us who love and appreciate the beauty of old papers, objects and keepsakes in their naturally aged, distressed, stained or faded patina know that ephemera, like an old faded photograph, captures a moment or a story that is part of a time capsule.  

It's for this reason that we love collecting genuine original vintage ephemera and also love creating our own faux ephemera or replicas.  They serve either as collectibles or as embellishments in our Traveler's Co. Journal pages.  Our vintage replicas collection is proudly designed and handmade in Australia and is a range which continues to grow with time.

We also source real and authentic vintage originals of ephemera and we hope you'll enjoy browsing through our new range of genuine vintage ephemera curated for journalling, collaging and mixed media use.  

Please note that the items in this range are only produced or sourced in limited quantities and may not be restocked once they are sold out.  

 NOTE: For more vintage replicas and other JUNK JOURNAL supplies, you may wish to check out our newly added JUNK JOURNAL bazaar collection!


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