Wholesale Buying Application + Enquiries

In addition to Australia, Mic Moc designed merchandise is now exported to different cities worldwide. E-mail hi@micmoc.com for all wholesale enquiries. 

We are sorry that we are unable to supply to online retailers operating solely from Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Shopee, and Pinkoi.  (Exceptions may apply to some vendor-hosted websites in a different language other than English).  In our wholesale network we're mostly looking for retailers who either operate a physical store or have an online shop i.e. operate their own website with a designated domain name (.com) Please check with us via email enquiry if you aren't sure if you would be eligible for wholesale buying.

We thank you in advance for your interest in carrying our products at your physical or online retail store, kindly allow us time to contact you after submitting your enquiry via email.  Please give us time to get back to you; please expect a reply within 3-7 working days. We apologise for this in advance (as we do get sometimes inundated with many enquiries) and thank you for your interest and understanding!

Please include in your email the following information:

- Full Name of Contact person/Owner/Founder

- Brief introduction to yourself, your shop or nature of business 

- URL / website address of your brand, store or business

- Country of your origin, and the destination country of shipping.

- Please name all the specific categories of Mic Moc Merchandise you wish to procure at wholesale (e.g. rubber stamps, journal cards, stickers, washi tape etc)


メールでお問い合わせください (E-mail hi@micmoc.com)