A little more about Mic Moc

January 17, 2018

A little more about Mic Moc

 'These moments or escape are not to be despised. They come too seldom.’

- Virgina Woolf

Mic Moc was birthed around the time we discovered the life-changing TRAVELER’S Notebook. That moment and season rekindled our love for journalling, writing letters by long hand alongside reconnecting with our creativity and authenticity through analogue means.  Mic Moc has since evolved to designing and producing a wholesale boutique line of journalling and paper craft supplies which continues to grow with your support. 

May shopping at our emporium bring you the making inspiration sparked by our offerings.  If you’ve managed to find something you love, don't forget to share it with us as we'd love to connect with you and welcome you into our creative community on @micmoc_shop (Instagram).

We look forward to offering you the best experience and love receiving your comments, feedback and queries if you have any. Give us a shout at hi@micmoc.com -- or send your snail mail to the following address! 

Mic Moc Snail Mail:

PO Box 181 Bellbowrie, Qld 4070, Brisbane Australia

Cheers xo

Kat & Team Mic Moc



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July 26, 2020

Just stumbled across you and feel like I have found my stationery heaven. I journal and collage and haven’t found such an extensive selection of quality items in Australia before.

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