A little more about Mic Moc the curated emporium

January 17, 2018

A little more about Mic Moc the curated emporium

Hello there and welcome to our stationery and design emporium. We’re super grateful that you’ve found us!  
Mic Moc’s story began in a little home studio and workshop where a writer who was also a maker found her moments of escape.  With just a small creative space and hardly any time on hand, her journey began with one small step. The desire to share a love for beautiful design and well-made stationery, the desire to inspire creativity and more importantly, to see change. 

When we set aside time to reconnect with ourselves through meditative creativity, we are engaging in mindfulness and recharging our souls with much needed restful escape.   

'These moments or escape are not to be despised. They come too seldom.’

- Virgina Woolf

We’re living in an unprecedented digital age where smarter and more advanced technologies are quickly stripping away the human touch.  As much as we appreciate and love the amazing ways that technology has made life easier, (ironically, such as this web space!) it’s our view that 'life made easier' isn't always 'life made better'.  

We all pay the price for technology taking over our intrinsically analogue human connection.  Ultimately we're analogue beings with all our senses of sight, touch taste, smell and hearing.

The concept behind Mic Moc was birthed around the time when we discovered the life-changing TRAVELER’S Notebook and rekindled our love for journalling, writing letters by long hand, alongside reconnecting with our creativity and authenticity through analogue means. 

The joy of curating an emporium for the love of stationery, crafts and artisan-designed goods is realising the more creative inspiration we bring to others, the more inspired we have become in our own pursuit of analogue and creative living.  Few things in life could offer more immense satisfaction than creating words and art with your own hands and soul.     

We hope our little emporium will bring you the immense joy and inspiration it has brought us.  Do drop in often; there’s always new surprises as we're constantly updating our emporium with new and exciting arrivals! And if you’ve managed to find something you love, we’d love to see the joy it’s brought you! Tag us on Instagram @micmoc_shop 

We look forward to offering you the best experience and creative merchandise! We love receiving your comments, feedback and queries if you have any. Let us know if there's something in the world of stationery or design goods that you'd love for us to bring to Australia and beyond! Write to us at hi@micmoc.com -- or send your snail mail to the following address. We feature the best letters.

Mic Moc Snail Mail Box:

PO Box 181 Bellbowrie, Qld 4070, Brisbane Australia


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