Good Morning Towel Rubber Stamp Duo Set (Cling mount) - Mic Moc

Good Morning Towel Rubber Stamp Duo (Cling mount) - Bringing you our favourite vintage chinoiserie-style rubber stamp to mark this Lunar New Year; the iconic ‘Good Morning Towel’! This special edition set features the famous GM emblem and a sketch of the iconic towel. 

To many who have spent enough time in Southeast Asia, the Good Morning Towel is synonymous with a bygone era and has acquired an endearing heritage quality over years of tradition.  Its very kitsch design with the bold red Chinese characters flanked by a pair of ferns and blue margins on either edge is what makes it so well-loved. Its simplicity and affordability makes it unpretentious; it's just that good old hardy towel loved for its faithful utility passed down from one generation to another.  

To purchase our limited edition storage box to store your Good Morning Towel stamps, please refer to GMT Storage Box.

Designed by Kat Ngoi exclusively for Mic Moc. ©2022 Mic Moc.


GM Emblem Stamp Size:  63mm x 22mm 

GM Towel Stamp Size: 32mm x 45mm

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