Premium PET (UV) Tape 45MM - 'Doll Society' - Mic Moc

Premium PET (UV) Tape 45MM - 'Doll Society' - Get nostalgic with this extra long loop design featuring delicate portraits of little girls (from a bygone era) photographed with their cherished dolls. This tape is a wonderful collage of lovely antique doll illustrations with faded photos. You'll fall in love with the ethereal black and white inked scrawls, rustic old style penmanship, retro postmarks, antique letterhead elements and old vintage numerals--so perfect for layering over your own sepia or faded photos.

This 45mm wide premium (UV) PET tape roll is perfect for creating your own vintage curiosities and doll-themed collages and junk journals. You'll notice how glossy these UV printed colour images are. They stand out and work well regardless of how light or dark your paper is.

Note: The roll of tape is not immediately adhesive like a regular washi tape as it comprises of 2 layers: the sticky layer and a release layer underneath which needs to be discarded once the tape is separated. Y


45mm (W) x 5 metres (Length)

Loop: 1100mm (extra long!)


Trim or cut out the image you wish to use while leaving an extra 'blank space' on a corner of the image to bend and peel off the release layer (a thin film of plastic beneath). Trim off the rest of the extra blank space from the image completely and peel off the release layer; then discard. NOTE: Please refer to our Instagram video for how to use these tapes!



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