'A Time For Giving' - Little Retro Stickers (25 Pc/25個) by Mic Moc

'A Time For Giving' - Little Retro Stickers (25 Pc/25個) - You loved our faux ticket stickers and now we bring you this adorable set of faux postage stickers as part of our festive season release!  'A Time For Giving' features our three unique vintage cuckoo clocks together with our pair of vintage children from the 'Gift Of Giving' series.

NOTE: These stickers compliment the following rubber stamps: 'Hope You Like It' & 'Specially For You' as well as 'The Gift Of Giving' memo card set.

You will receive 25 die-cut faux postage stickers( 5 unique designs x 4 each).

Package Size: 5 designs x 5 each;  total 25 stickers (25個)Size: square tickets: ranging from 40mm x 40mm, 30mm x 40mm, 50 x 30mm

NOTE: Please do not reproduce these images as they are uniquely ours and copyrighted). Designed exclusively for Mic Moc.  


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