Antiquated Notions: 'Mini Framed Portraits Volume 1' - 16 Pk

Antiquated Notions: 'Mini Framed Portraits Volume 1' (16 pack) These little vintage portrait keepsakes framed in 'antique' pendants are beautiful embellishments for your assemblage or junk journal projects. Included with the 4 pendants in this set are 4 other random vintage photo replicas, 4 replica vintage cabinet (advertisement) cards and 4 stamped self-adhesive fabric scraps; some featuring vintage French letting and accents. Add a touch of retro charm to your creations!

IMPORTANT! Please kindly note that the photos/cabinet cards and mini pendant portraits are all selected at random and the photos are for reference only;写真/キャビネットカードとミニペンダントのポートレートはすべてランダムに選択されており、写真は参考用です。 You may receive these photos/pendant portraits/cabinet cards which differ from the photographed sets.

You will receive: 16 items (16 個) in total: 合計16アイテム

4 vintage photo replica cards (4 個); sizes range from the smallest at 43 x 55mm to 50 x 70 mm. サイズは最小の 43 x 55 mm から 50 x 70 mm まであります。

4 mini pendants with framed photo(4 個); 

4 cabinet card replicas(4 個); 

4 stamped self-adhesive fabric scraps(4 個); 

Replica photos retouched and altered exclusively for Mic Moc and printed in Australia.

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