Collage Cards (8 Pk)'Paper De Paris' (はがき品質のコラージュカード)

Collage Cards (8 Pk)'Paper De Paris'(はがき品質のコラージュカード)is the perfect alternative to collaging on tags! You'll receive 8 beautifully-aged French vintage-inspired (mini postcard sized) collage cards featuring retro lace accents with old French script. フランスのヴィンテージ風 - (French Vintage style).

Designed and printed in Australia, you'll love the premium quality uncoated recycled paper finish. These collage cards are ideal for distressing with Distress inks and stamps, they can be used with your fountain pen, markers, brushes or even embossed.  It can be typed on, painted on with watercolours or other paints and markers or stamped on. 

You will receive: 8 cards; x 2 designs (2 of the same design each)

Collage Card Size: (H)100 mm x (W) 70 mm  

Designed by Kat Ngoi and made in Australia.  


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