Create-A-Scene Postcard Stickers Kit - 'Letter Press Printer's Tray'

Create-A-Scene Postcard Stickers Kit - 'Letter Press Printer's Tray' - Vintage Buffs Alert! If you're blessed enough to own a letterpress tray in real life, say hello to your new favourite paper fun project! And if you still have't found your ultimate letterpress tray, perhaps this one will inspire you all day long when you create your own paper one as a framed postcard!

Please refer to our video on our Instagram reel for details on how to make use of this kit!

You'll receive:

2 pc A6 sheets of 52 stickers; 2 pcs of realistic-looking A5 sized 'letterpress trays' printed on quality card paper.

Designed by Kat Ngoi and printed in Australia.  COPYRIGHT 2021 Mic Moc. All rights reserved.

Tip: Can be used with other stickers, our 'Old Pages' washi tape and collage images! Other ideas: framed postcard or greeting card, junk journal covers etc.





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