EZ Mount Static Cling Mounting Foam 4mm - (8.5” x 11”)

EZ Mount Static Cling Mounting Foam 4mm - Sheet Size: (8.5” x 11”) - Please note that this kind of grey cling mount foam is NOT the same kind as the one used in all MIC MOC cling mount rubber stamps.  (この種類の灰色の粘着マウントフォームは、すべてのMICMOC粘着マウントゴムスタンプで使用されているものと同じ種類ではないことに注意してください。このフォームは、より厚く、より粗く、より斑点のある外観をしています.) この製品は、木に取り付けられたハンコをしがみつく取り付けられたハンコに変えるために作られています.

This one listed is an EZMount brand foam which is a little thicker and coarser in texture with a speckled appearance.  (Note: MIC MOC stamps do not have a speckled surface and are smooth in appearance).   This listing is for ONE (1) sheet of EZ Mount 4mm thick cling mount cushion to change any wood-mounted or unmounted rubber stamp into a cling stamp which will cling onto an acrylic block for stamping.

To use, trace your stamp onto the adhesive paper. Trim out the shape you have traced before peeling off the adhesive paper. Peel off the paper, revealing the sticky side. Simply place your rubber image on the sticky adhesive surface to create a ‘cling stamp’.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT recommended to store any of your EZMount stamps on acetate sheets as acetate is made with chemicals that react with EZMount and other cling cushion type product, making it an almost  permanent bond between the acetate and the cling.

You will receive: 


ONE (1) Sheet of (8.5” x 11”) grey cling cushion.


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