'Milk Bar' Junk Journal Paper Kit - Mic Moc

Inspired by vintage milk bars, we've created this 'Milk Bar' Junk Journal Paper Kit! 

A vintage-inspired junk journal paper kit containing:

10 x vintage-inspired receipt papers: 6 uniquely designed Milk Bar + 4 Milk Girl grocer receipt replicas 

30 + milk bar/soda-themed die cut vintage replicas (photos of journal cover seen here are for reference only, (please note that it may not fully correspond to actual contents inside this kit; for eg. 'lady with milk jug' and black and white vintage boy figure not included). 

Bonus items: matching vintage milk bar children stickers, stamped soda caps, assorted vintage papers for creating junk journals

Printed in Australia on an assortment of quality uncoated and coated papers. 

Package Size: 140 mm (H) x 118(H) mm 

このセットの複製は、カラーコピー、コピー、スキャンしてのデジタルコピーなど、いかなる方法でも禁止されています。また、これらの素材を個々のエフェメラとして再販することはご遠慮ください。  ただし、ジャンク・ジャーナルのような再販のための完成品の作成にこれらの素材を使用することは許可されています。 

COPYRIGHT 2022 MIC MOC. Designed by Kat Ngoi exclusively for Mic Moc. NOTE: Reproduction of this set is not permitted in any way including colour copies, photocopies, scanning to create digital copies. Please do not re-sell these materials as individual ephemera.   However you are permitted to use these materials for creating a finished product for resale such as a junk journal.  

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