'Milk Girl' Vintage Grocer Receipt Note Pad (ビンテージ・スタイルミルクガールグローサー牛乳食料品店のメモ帳) - by Mic Moc

'Milk Girl' Vintage Grocer Receipt Note Pad (ビンテージ・スタイルミルクガールグローサー牛乳食料品店のメモ帳) by Mic Moc - Limited copies only, while stocks last!

Please note this listing is for only the note pad, not the matching Milk Girl rubber stamp.  Continuing in our favourite 'My Play Book' vintage children's illustrations stationery series is this 'Milk Girl' note pad for those of us with a thing for vintage grocer paraphernalia!  

We love using them to create paper ephemera, decorate our snail mail, journal pages and more. Also so handy for mixed media use, collaging, card-making, customising your gifts and for scrapbooking or paper crafts. こちらの商品はラバースタンプのないメモ帳ですのでご注意ください. (ラバースタンプを購入するには、ここをクリックしてください)

You will receive: 1 retro-style note pad--important note: kindly note that this is our 2nd re-print and we have made some changes to the design--the new note pad may look slightly different (lighter sand beige colour) with our copyright credits moved to a new margin.  Note pad size: A6 x 50 pages; kindly note this is a replica only exclusively designed by Mic Moc and not an actual vintage item

Designed and made in Australia.  

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