Ohagiyama Mini Sticky Notes - Sumo Wrestler Adhesive Notes

Adorable tiny Japanese-made mini/post-it sticky adhesive notes from the Ohagiyama (Sumo Wrestler) series. You can either use them as bookmarks or page markers, mini index flags, sticky notes in your journals or planners or for as a decorative touch to spruce up your gift wrapping, snail mail art or scrapbooking projects . Note: This is the perfect matching set to add to your Ohigayama stationery series and collection of rubber stamps, gift bags and washi tape! Check them out in our emporium.

You will receive:

A set of die-cut 60-pc mini sticky notes


24-28 x 32-41 mm 

3 Designs per set (20 mini sticky notes Each)

Made in Japan


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