Matte PET Tape 60MM - 'Vintage Lace' (ヴィンテージレース) - Mic Moc

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Matte PET Tape 60MM - 'Vintage Lace' (ヴィンテージレース) - Continuing in our new series of 'transparent' tapes, you will love the exquisite details and intricate lace designs in this  wide 60mm roll which will lets you add a photo-realistic 'vintage lace' texture on your paper projects and journal pages! 

It's the first of our 60mm wide 'translucent' washi tape rolls! The roll of tape is not immediately adhesive like a regular washi tape as it comprises of 2 layers: the sticky layer and a release layer underneath which needs to be discarded once the tape is separated. 


60mm (W) x 5 metres (Length)


Trim or cut out the image you wish to use while leaving an extra 'blank space' on a corner of the image to bend and peel off the release layer (a thin film of plastic beneath). Trim off the rest of the extra blank space from the image completely and peel off the release layer; then discard. NOTE: Please refer to our Instagram video for how to use these tapes!



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