Premium PET (UV) Tape 60MM - 'Shabby Windows' (老朽化した窓)

Premium PET (UV) Tape 60MM - 'Shabby Windows' (老朽化した窓) - This fun-to-use 60MM PET tape features 5m (1.2 metre repeat loop) of dilapidated windows ready to bring new life and a touch of whimsy to old photos or other illustrations. Includes a huge assortment of shabby chic windows in a myriad of sizes and shapes, including a collection of lovely potted blooms in rainbow colours so you can create your own customised charming window sills! Images here feature many of our replica found photos from Petite Portraits 1 and Petite Portraits 2 (available separately).

This 60mm wide premium (UV) PET tape roll is perfect for creating your own stand out vintage crafts, collages, junk journals and journal pages. You'll not miss how glossy these beautiful UV printed colour images are! They stand out and work well regardless of how light or dark your paper is, a great delight to your collection!

Note: The roll of tape is not immediately adhesive like a regular washi tape as it comprises of 2 layers: the sticky layer and a release layer underneath which needs to be discarded once the tape is separated. 


60mm (W) x 5 metres (Length)

Loop: 1200mm 


Trim or cut out the image you wish to use while leaving an extra 'blank space' on a corner of the image to bend and peel off the release layer (a thin film of plastic beneath). Trim off the rest of the extra blank space from the image completely and peel off the release layer; then discard. NOTE: Please refer to our Instagram video for how to use these tapes!



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