Soramame 'Broad Bean' Yoyo Mini Inks - Amber 403 Amagasa

These cute-looking and versatile water-based pigment inks, known as Soramame ('broad beans' Japanese) mini stamps were created by Japanese eraser-stamp artist Tomoko Tsukui.

Each ink colour is conveniently attached to an ink-dauber applicator that has been designed to fit on your finger to enable you to work easily on stencilling projects by daubing different colours over your stencils or onto your stamps to achieve a 'multi-coloured' stamped image.  

These little inks are suitable for use on a variety of different materials such as: fabrics (cotton and linen works best) wood (unfinished), plain uncoated paper, a variety of Japanese papers, leather (raw leather) and even earthenware such as terra cotta.

You will receive:

4 mini ink stamps in the following shades inspired by traditional Japanese kimono costumes

UKON - Turmeric Yellow
NASUKON - Aubergine 

Stamp size: 90mmx 35mmx 23mm (14mm diameter)

Packaging case Size : 108mm x 120mm x 26mm

Made In Japan


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