Staz On FABRIC Ink Pad - White (ONAMAE)

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This ink is a specific Fabric Staz On solvent ink pad. The STAZ ON range of solvent-based inks are made to stamp on almost ALL surface materials and is a form of acid free, archival and fast-drying solvent ink.

Do note that this range of Staz On inks are specially recommended for use on fabrics and can also be used on paper surfaces. For the other Staz On ( for non-porous surface) range for use on other materials other than fabric, please refer to the rest of the Staz On inks in the Staz On category.  

Please retain the plastic cover that rests directly on top of the ink pad to keep this ink from drying out. 

You will receive:

Staz On Ink Pad 

W138 x D20 x H70 mm 

Made in Japan

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