Traveler's Company 008 Zipper Case (Regular Size)

We find this nifty PVC zipper case indispensable in our TRAVELER's notebook to keep all the little bits and pieces organised and safely in place. It's so handy for adding more storage space to your TN and incredibly useful for storing flat items like maps, ticket stubs, receipts, other papers or cards. It's convenient to have during travelling to store miscellaneous items. We even use it to store our stickers, Band-Aids and post it notes!

This regular size zipper case comes with two large flat pockets.  One end has a zipper case and the other end has a pocket. The zipper case is ideal for things you don't want to lose: tickets, receipts, keys, and coins. The pocket is perfect for photos or post cards you may collect through your travels. The case itself is transparent, so it’s easy to tell what’s inside.

You will receive:

1 Zipper Pocket (Regular Size); attached to 1 Regular Pocket (no zip)

211mm x 233mm (when opened) into 2 pockets

PVC plastic

Made In Japan


''TRAVELER’S COMPANY”, “TRAVELER’S notebook” and “TRAVELER’S FACTORY” is a trademark of Designphil Inc.

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