Traveler's Company TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen

This rustic and retro-looking writing instrument is the perfect accompaniment to pair with your TRC notebook. Exquisitely crafted in Japan, the TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen is made of solid brass which oxidises naturally into its own beautiful aged sheen over time, adding to its vintage charm.

It consists of two parts: the brass pen holder and its removable pen body, which has an appearance resembling a mechanical pencil but is in fact a pen with a ballpoint nib.  

The removable pen body can be attached to the brass holder to extend its height during writing.  The advantage of its removable function is also that it can be tucked neatly into the brass holder when not in use.  The top end of the brass holder is constructed with a ring that can be passed through a 'lobster clasp' so it acts like a key chain extension on your travel luggage, bag or backpack.  

May you come to appreciate the brass pen holder's naturally evolving hues and textures as it ages and naturally oxidises with regular use, which is what gives it that added character.

You will receive:

1 TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen;

BRASS Ballpoint pen / 11mm in diameter x H99mm 


*1 Ballpoint Pen Cartridge Refill (already installed inside pen)

*Note: Additional Ballpoint Pen Cartridge refills are available for purchase at our emporium. 

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