Traveler's Company 021 Connecting Rubber Bands

Made of silicone material rather than rubber, these connecting 'rubber bands' are essential accessories for temporarily binding your notebook refills securely together in your Traveler's Notebook.   

They bind all your notebooks in the spine of your journal by fastening them securely in the centre of your cover.  These removable connecting bands let you hold two or more notebooks in one TRAVELER'S notebook cover.

A must-have accessory for those of us who require the use of more than one notebook refill at any one time or to secure other accessories for our TRAVELER'S notebook such as the 008 zipper pocket or 020 Kraft paper holder.  

You will receive:

4 silicone rubber bands; 2 black, 2 brown

 210mm x 110mm (PP Packaging)

''TRAVELER’S COMPANY”, “TRAVELER’S notebook” and “TRAVELER’S FACTORY” is a trademark of Designphil Inc.

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