Traveler's Notebook Refill - 014 Kraft Paper Notebook (Regular Size)

You'll love how versatile and useful this Kraft paper notebook is especially as a scrapbook and blank paper canvas to paint on and to create your visual journalling masterpiece.  Get creative with your washi tapes, art materials from paints to pastels to brush pens and markers or Distress inks.  Stamped art has never looked better on these rustic Kraft pages.  Add ephemera like old vintage tickets or old faded pictures or papers to layer your art.  

Even if you don't draw much, this refill is great for attaching brochures, maps, polaroids, tickets, and other mementos from your travels. 

Saddle-stitched with a Kraft paper cover, writing using a fountain pen or water-based pens on these grittier Kraft pages is still a great choice as the fine quality paper has been designed to be bleed-proof.

You will receive a:

Blank, 64 pages, Kraft paper (Saddle Stitched) Notebook
H210 x W110 x D40mm

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