Traveler's Notebook Refill - 018 Free Diary Weekly (Regular Size)

When customising your Traveler's Notebook as a planner in addition to a journal,   this Free Diary (Weekly) refill provides a total of 28 weeks i.e. 6 months' worth of detailed weekly schedule planning. This option is ideal if you're the sort who likes to record meticulous details on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Traveler's Notebook Refill - 018 Free Diary Weekly (Regular Size) - The first few pages of this refill contain 'monthly columns' designed to allow the user to record a brief 'one-line summary' of each specific day (in each monthly column) as a quick reference at a glance.    

The (Weekly) Free Diary allows you to fill in your own dates up to 6 months' worth of weekly pages in a vertical format. Each vertical column of the week comes with rows of numbers that represent your time schedule (starts at 0800 ends at 2200 hours). A little box at the end of the time schedule log lets you add notes.  

You'll need 2 of these refills to document and organise one entire calendar year of your life log by weeks.
Sewn-bound with a Kraft paper cover, writing is a real joy especially using a fountain pen on the fine quality MD paper; the original signature paper of Midori, designed to be feather-proof and bleed-proof, hence fountain pen friendly. 

You will receive a:

Monthly Schedule (14 months), Blank pages, World map; 48 pages in total

MD Paper (Sewn-Bound)
H210 x W110 x D40mm

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