VersaFine Clair 'Dark' Pigment Ink Pad - Nocturne (Black)

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VersaFine Claire 'Dark' Pigment Ink Pad - Nocturne (Black) - This Black is blacker than any black ink we've ever used, and we can't live without it and how versatile it has proven to be!

You'll love stamping with these new Tsukineko VersaFine Clair fast-drying pigment ink pads that dry in 3-5 seconds. These ink pads are well-loved by experienced crafters not only for their beautiful shades of colours, but mainly for their utilitarian nature.

The ink will not smudge after stamping, making them suitable for use alongside with watercolours or even water-based colour markers. Black is definitely the staple to have for any printing!

The raised ink pad is great for distressing projects and so much easier to use than regular flat ink pads for your stamping projects.  The high quality of this finely produced Clair range of pigment ink stamp pads boasts of a hard-to-beat longevity, allowing you to stamp more images than most other ink pads. These inks are also suitable for fabrics and paper.

What we love most about this relatively new line of VersaFine inks has to be its great colour palette, especially its vintage shades range for vintage projects and its burst of vivid eye-popping colours!

You will receive:

1 Pigment ink stamp pad 

Size: L97mm x W57mm x D23mm 

Made In Japan by Tsukineko

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