Vintage Dressmaker DIY Die Cuts (A5 Sheet) - Mic Moc

Vintage Dressmaker DIY Die Cuts (A5 Sheet) - Mic Moc - You'll receive the entire full-colour A5 sheet but please note that you have to trim these yourself as these die cuts do not come pre-cut.  (紙はまだカットされていません,カットするピースは12個あります).

For all lovers of our vintage dressmaker-themed thread organiser cards which we use to package our Avril yarn tasters, we have one dozen printed die cuts of our own replica thread cards available as a 'do-it-yourself' A5 sheet of quality heavy weight card stock colour print.  

You may also wish to check out Dressmaker gummed collage sheets and the matching Vintage Dressmaker replica receipt note pad.

Size: A5 sheet; Designed and printed in Australia. Copyright 2021 Mic Moc; All Rights Reserved. Reproducing these images in all formats is prohibited.  


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