Vintage Perforated Labels 'Play Time' (子供イラスト ビンテージ ラベル) - 20 Pk

Vintage Perforated Labels 'Play Time' (子供イラスト ビンテージ ラベル) - 20 Pk - These versatile perforated labels will make lovely address labels for small envelopes as pictured. As shown they are just as perfect for stamping and collaging with a montage of  colourful vintage children illustrations against a backdrop of retro papers. You'll receive 10 designs; with 2 sheets each. Wonderful for journalling, collaging or for scribbling on as memo note papers. Please note that these only resemble vintage papers but are NOT genuine vintage papers. フランスのヴィンテージペーパーを愛するすべての人は、このヴィンテージラベルの複製品パックに触発されるでしょう。

You will receive: 20 labels. 

Package Size:75mm (W) x 100mm (L); each label is approximately 58mm x 90mm.

Designed by Kat Ngoi and 100% Printed and assembled in Australia.

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