International Suitcase Hire

Hire a suitcase now for Feb 2024 shipping! We will combine your multiple orders this month before they are shipped at the start of Feb 2024. (You may also inform us via email if you wish to ship immediately once you have completed your shopping).  

How it works:

Once you have added this suitcase hire in your cart and finished checking out your order, we will email you a unique 'shipping fee waiver' code for your second and subsequent orders made before end of Jan.  (Please note you will still have to pay the first shipping fee base on the weight of your first order. Any balance will be calculated at the end of all multiple orders; we will invoice you for the balance if the weight of your multiple orders exceed your first shipping fees paid at your first order).  

Please do not add this suitcase to your cart unless you understand that it would mean all your orders will not be shipped until multiple orders are submitted within the number of weeks left (i.e.before the end of the month shown in the description shown below) and combined into one parcel.

残りの週数内 (つまり、以下の説明に示されている月末まで) に複数の注文が送信された後、すべての注文は 1 つのパッケージにまとめられます。このアイテムをショッピングカートに追加する前に、スーツケースのレンタルがどのように機能するかを理解してください.