Rub On Stickers

Our range of Mic Moc vintage-inspired full colour rub on stickers can be applied to almost any surface including paper, glass, timber, ceramic, metal and plastic. Tip: An instrument with a flat or round tip which will not damage your material such as a wooden popsicle stick may work best with these rub on stickers. この製品は、紙、ガラス、木材、セラミック、金属、プラスチックなど、ほぼすべての表面に貼り付けることができます。

Note: There are 2 removable layers on top and beneath the image.  Only remove the bottom (white) sheet first AFTER trimming around each image. The layer which you rub on is the top layer which must be removed to reveal the image. Please see instructions for use before you begin if you are new to using these rub on stickers! We have many Instagram videos as well which are great demos.